At a time when increasingly advanced skills are required for success
in life and work, people of all ages are seeking a diverse range of
learning experiences to inspire, guide, and enhance their personal and
professional lives.

Museums, Libraries and 21st Century Skills. 2009, 2. Institute for Museum and Library Services.

This page (now under construction) may be used to view more detailed and in depth sources, data and reporting that underscore reasons and findings for the importance of Knowsaic’s goals to:

  • Increase family/caregiver engagement and awareness for healthy development of information literacy habits
  • Illustrate the varied stakeholder findings that point to the same conclusion – 21st Century literacy and competencies must be mindfully cultivated within families and social communities, not only by teachers and learning institutions
  • Encourage parents, caregivers and communities to seek out opportunities,  resources and support that grow these competencies for success in learning, living and working throughout the 21st Century
  • Provide content to encourage mindful literacy and competency building experiences for families/caregivers growing new lifelong learners for our society.

Resources and Reports

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