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As a parent, you want to stay informed on digital kid-raising resources that keep it straightforward and mindful. You’re paying attention but you want to focus that time and  attention toward resources and information of real value and authority.

So, to save you some time and eye strain, I’m highlighting one of my Knowsaic favorite sources.  As a parent and librarian, I’m a huge fan of  Common Sense Media .  I’m especially excited as a researcher to see resource favorites cited by other like minded thought leaders in digital parenting, digital literacy and citizenship.  Following the chain of citations and references is a wonderful journey of discovery.

The video here is is all of these things – re-posted (cited)  by Edutopia, The George Lucas Educational Foundation for the Digital Generation Project,  this work Common Sense Tips for Digital Generation Parents highlights five practical pointers from Common Sense Media to help parents understand and engage in the digital connectivity and habits of their kids.

Give these thought provoking take-aways some reflection VIA the Edutopia Digital Parenting page:

Discussion Questions
1. Calm Down: Do you think adults are too concerned about online safety? Does this concern overshadow the benefits of technology?

2. Embrace Their Digital World: What can you do with your kids right now to better understand their digital world?

3. Find Balance: How can you help kids balance their time on different technologies?

4. Provide Alternatives: How can we encourage our kids to disconnect from the digital world without taking away their independence?

5. Be the Parent: What values are the most important to teach to kids living in the Digital Generation? What are some specific ways to teach those values?


So much to love about today’s discovery.  How did I find this?  I have to stop for a moment and retrace my steps…oh yes…

My librarian side scanned the monthly e-mail of New and Just Released Kids Reads March 2012 VIA the NextReads newsletter service that our regional library system offers.    My new GeekDad Community member collaboration side was reviewing this list from March (wow its almost April) to see if any of the selections might be something I could share with my new group.   Wendelin Van Draanen/ Sammy Keyes review of Sammy Keyes and the Wild Things (2007, Eco-Mystery, 11th book in the series, ages 9-15) looked cool so from there I clicked on the book image and was linked to the publisher/author’s web page where I hit the real paydirt!  (Knowsaic fams – you can learn the coolest things  when you visit an authentic author’s website together! Really!)

Van Draanen and Mark Parsons launched Exercise the Right to Read / Running for Reading to raise funds to provide books for school libraries and disadvantaged children and to improve childhood fitness and literacy levels.

Knowsaic loves projects like this – healthy habits, community service, love for reading and collaboration for good.  Truly a balance that is a worthy path to seek, especially in our families today.

And finally, a great discovery for the next family read:  The Running Dream.  NOT just for runners, an account of overcoming insurmountable obstacles step by step.  (Shameless plug here – hot foot it over to Spark Running in Maryland if you are local for the best running shoe expertise and selection for youth and adult runners!)

Ok, time to unplug, get outside and move it!

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