Knowledge+Mosaic = Knowsaic

Bit by bit, amplifying the conversation for engaged, empowered and balanced information and digital literacy  in daily family life.

Knowsaic  shares resources to inspire conversations and experiences for families and caregivers raising developing lifelong learners.  Less one on one screen time as individuals. More engaged, conversations and play offline and in life that spur purposeful information seeking (answers to questions) that lead to more hands on learning and living.

At any age, there is more to learn about creation, consumption determining value of information online.  Knowsaic advocates a strong counterbalance of digital living by seeking out experiences offline that grow curiosity, social interaction, concentration as well as  love and skill for pursuit of knowledge.

Let’s grow this philosophy together.  Seek out experiences people that feed our interests or create new ones. As you would cultivate health and wellness mindfulness and habits for your family or students, also do the same for your brain.

Elizabeth F. McLean, Knowsaic’s keeper, is an experienced parent, collaborator and digital advocate. Liz recently earned her MS in Library and Information Science.  This blog is just one way to seek out ways expand the boundaries of libraries, devices and literacies so that families of any generation can participate fully in balanced and mindful information consumption, creation and preservation and grow appreciation for the powerful knowledge mosaics shaping our lives.  Follow Liz on Twitter @knowsaic.

The Mission of Librarians is to improve Society through Facilitating Knowledge Creation in their Communities.

R. David Lankes’ The Atlas of New Librarianship