So, the elevator speech here if you have just joined in:

Knowsaic shares observations and curates content to help families raise lifelong learners and develop healthy information and digital literacy habits.   Idea here is to save you screen time and offer up my Librarian/Mom approved,  researched  food for thought take-aways.  Grazing instead of 4 course meal.  Bit by bit.  Healthy mindfulness in information and digital literacies for you and your family.  You in?  Remember its not the tool or the quantity we are cultivating here – it’s the mindfulness and critical thinking.    Caregivers and parents who are thinking about this provide the most essential ingredients needed to grow 21st Century Readiness for every student.

So here’s a nice run-down on what you may encounter or have to have heard of as tech, homework and raising lifelong learners intersect at home.  Bookmark the post in case you start hearing about any of these and want to understand what you are dealing with, or ask the teachers in your students’ world about tools they are using so you can try them out for yourself or post and discuss here.  Good format for skimming and comparison, and to use as a reminder that as we get back to the classroom routines here at home, we’ll be ready to learn too!

50 Education Technology Tools Every Teacher Should Know About | Edudemic.