Enjoy this video (below!) about how folks in Charlottesville,  Virginia took their celebration outside to the downtown mall for last year’s Poem in Your Pocket day!

It’s been National Poetry Month all April and today is Poem in Your Pocket Day! How is your family celebrating? Poetry dot org

As we waited for the bus wrapped in our car due to heavy (soaking green streaked and bird chirp inducing) rain, we read poems from the mobile poetry site. It did not take me long (but longer than it should have) to realize that it would all mean more to both of us if I gave the mobile to my fifth grader so she could browse through and be surprised by the poetic-pull- in. We got in a good 5 or 6 while we waited for Bus 69, I got to see and hear her read them – far better than my own interpretations – and it was something to keep us from some of the usual morning grumps and bumps. All in all a great Knowsaic moment.

You don’t have to have a cell or sat phone to experience this kind of poetic transport. We were just making it work with what i had grabbed on the way out the door. Check out Poets.org for a variety of ideas on snagging poems for serendipitous or stolen prosaic opportunities in any setting for any age. Poetry MapAudible, video, mobile, printed cards sized for your pocket or even hand write those most special on paper or card (use acid free papers if you want your artifact to last). We knitters may go to extremes and ….no strike that!

And finally, don’t forget to look for art or music with poetry or the other way around.  Many songs were poems first. This quest could go on a good long time!

Hope you can watch this video too!