“When parents stay involved in parenting and supporting their young teenagers, children have better outcomes.”  Thomas J. Dishion, Elizabeth A. Stormshak, and Mark J. Van Ryzin //Feb. 21, 2012

So, you say, this is not news.

Agreed.  In fact, the opposite of lack of involvement is commonly known as that helicopter parent problem.

Helicopter parent questionnaire

But here is a another resource to check out to remember why it is so important to make those efforts to strike the balance.  Get the right footing established in daily family habits and culture to ensure positive outcomes down the road.  If we were talking only in business terms, this would be considered the upfront effort and capital needed to ensure optimal return on investment.  What better way to invest your time and energy than in staying involved to grow engaged and empowered lifelong learners?

Education Nation’s The Learning Curve is a blog that has a number of knowledgeable and authoritative entries on parental involvement and how it impacts and benefits students in school.  Check it out and see what resonates with you, share what you find with your family and friends.  I picked out the quote above from a February entry entitled To Help Teens Focus at School, Check Up on Their Families.

Navigation Note:  Use the hyperlinked The Learning Curve here to access a list of blog posts that are filtered by Parental Engagement, which is a designated “Hot Topic” on the blog categories list.  You won’t find the categories list until you have selected an article to read from the blog.  See, I took the hard work out of it for you!

What you do in family life today will impact your child’s learning and school success every day.

Thanks to the Baby Boomer Yearbook for the image used in this post.