Hey family – give this a try!

The doodle today from Google sure is mesmerizing.  Take a few secs to look at the Google doodle du jour by clicking on the picture above or directly from the home search page.  Here are some ideas about what to do next…or come up with your own!

The important thing is not to race through clicking as fast as you can, but make selections deliberately and with care so you pay attention together.   Have a real conversation about what is leading you where and to see what makes your light-bulbs go on and off.  Can you remember how you got from the starting point to the page you stopped to discuss?

  1. See how much information can be discovered.  What happens when you hover the cursor over the graphic (doodle)?
  2. What next can you do to dive deeper into learning about the doodle, the reason for the doodle
  3. Can you find out why this doodle belongs to a very special grouping of previous ones.?
  4. What do your observations lead you to?  What did you discover and where?
  5. What new questions bubbled up?
Have the young collaborators keep notes to recall what they now are on the hunt to next discover, or use a bookmarking app to keep the notes for you (if you can remember that is where you are going to recall the information later!).

Have a blast and don’t forget to share what you learned with someone!

PS – if you missed the doodle on the date of this post (2/22/2012),  send me a request and i’ll send you the doodle so you can try this.  Don’t want to spoil the fun!